Dynamic Growth Opportunities 4Q2019 Update

Here is a copy of our latest DGO portfolio review. If you’d like, we would also encourage you to check out our latest briefings:

SWS Quarterly Research – April 2022 Update
by Mike Parker, CFA and Kurt Grove, CFA posted at 4/20/22 2:00 PM

The following is an excerpt from our recently published SWS Growth Equity 1Q2022 strategy update, which is available in its entirety via pdf or audio stream. In the full piece, we provide our…Read more


A Growth Pullback: Uncertainty or Opportunity?
by Mike Parker, CFA and Kurt Grove, CFA posted at 3/14/22 11:40 AM

Answering the Ultimate Question As painful as market drawdowns are to endure, they afford us crucial opportunities to reassess tenets to our investment process. The ultimate question we currently…Read more


Valuation Disparity Presents Opportunities – January 2022 Market Update
by Mike Parker, CFA and Kurt Grove, CFA posted at 1/21/22 11:40 AM

The prior-year period, along with persistent volatility into 2022, reinforces our premise on relative return opportunities (aka alpha) in public markets. Outperformance opportunities are becoming…Read more