A Diversified Team of Investment Advisors is Better for Investors

One major problem with broker-dealers is that many of their advisors are often on an island competing with one another. In this model, advisors act as generalists in support of their client relationships. We think this leads to sub-optimal outcomes for investors. Rather, we believe that having a team of investment advisors with specialized skillsets will lead to a better client experience and improve your financial well-being. The reasons for this should be pretty obvious; no one person can be an expert in everything, which is why any advisor acting alone is not an effective solution for the investor.

Just like when an individual experiences a health issue, the general physician refers the patient to a specialist to treat the esoteric symptoms and provide specific medical advice. Similarly, most investors have complicating factors that necessitate a specialist. Understanding an investors’ complex needs and being able to meet those needs with a team of specialists is ideal.


At SWS Partners, our specialists are organized in the following manner:

1. Estate planning: this seeks to integrate your financial plan into your estate and succession planning to provide maximum benefit to and impact from all of your planning

2. Portfolio product analysis: provides a top down forensic analysis of client portfolios to understand the true cost of what an investor owns and why they own it

3. Research & portfolio construction: the focus here is a bottom up analysis of individual securities to determine its efficacy and how it behaves in congruence with other assets to support customized portfolio construction

4. Technology: this function seeks to automate as much of our services as possible so that client service is more a reflection of advice, not task management

Again, we think it is foolish to think any one person can be an expert in all of these areas. We, therefore, favor having each of our clients work with specific team members in specific circumstances

Without fail, we find that the need for specialized knowledge grows more apparent as clients age and accumulate more assets. It is important that investors minimize disruption to their portfolios by engaging with an investment advisor that can handle varying levels of complexity. Often when new clients come to us, they have left an advisor or broker because they can only offer the client specific investment products, or they’re unable to provide investment advice.

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This is true for the generalist model for financial advice. Alternatively, a team of specialists is more likely to help you achieve financial well-being. Our diversified team at SWS Partners welcomes working with you and your changing needs.