Financial Technology Isn’t Just For Millennials

There’s a misnomer in the industry that only Millennials want the technology to deliver what they demand as investors. We believe this is pushback by those advisors (and companies) that are resistant to change, set in their ways, and want to keep the investing public in the dark. However, we believe that technology has–among other things–made portfolio management more effective and efficient.

Just the same, clients value real-time information in their portfolios. And while it’s true that Millennials came of age in the midst of the Tech bubble and the Financial Crisis, and therefore insist upon transparency, we don’t see other generations shunning transparency either.


Daniel Eberhard, CEO of Koho, recently stated, “complexity in finance is often manufactured because it’s profitable for banks to do so.” However, financial firms and banks are realizing the game is up and are now funding many of the financial technology (fintech) companies to remain relevant in an otherwise archaic industry.

We actually think there is much to thank Millennials for; they are developing apps, software, and solving problems for the financial services industry, which had been unwilling or unable to solve these problems previously. In the end, we all stand to benefit from the greater simplicity, efficiency and, transparency that is growing more ubiquitous.

At SWS Partners, we believe that fintech isn’t just for millennials. Through the use of apps and platform systems, investors can more easily remain in control of their financial life. We have, therefore, sought to make fintech a firm-wide emphasis and find that all investors–from the Golden Generation to Gen-Z–benefit from simplicity and ease of use.

It hasn’t been long since going to the bank was required to deposit a check, refinance your mortgage, or write a check for a purchase. How about managing your spending? Viewing your investment portfolio at the end of the month or communicating with your financial advisor? Well, now there’s an app for that. We all enjoy transparency, efficiency, and being in control of our time. Financial technology continues to make that more and more possible.

This is isn’t just a millennial story, it’s for all of us.