Our Top Briefings from 2018 & Commitment for 2019

We wanted to take moment to thank our friends, supporters, and, of course, our clients as we welcome the new year. 2018 was a thrilling year for us on many fronts, not the least of which being that we launched our Dynamic Growth Opportunities Strategy, which furthers our goal of offering contemporary solutions for sophisticated investors. As we transition to 2019, our commitment is simple: we will continue innovating and leveraging technology in an effort to seek better outcomes for our clients.

Happy New Year

Here are our most read briefings from 2018:

Transparency and Technology go Hand-in-Hand

SWS Partners is committed to creative destruction. At the forefront is the recognition that transparency and technology go hand-in-hand and can help investors improve their chances of financial success.

The Evolution of Financial Advice

While more financial advisors and asset managers are warming up to the use of technology, they still struggle with implementation.  This is a competitive advantage for SWS Partners, because we were able to build a firm around the use of technology to provide financial advice.

SWS Partners CIO Mike Parker, CFA, Interviewed in Forbes

SWS Partners’ Chief Investment Officer Mike Parker, CFA, was recently interviewed in Forbes. The discussion was wide-ranging, covering his background, our investment process, and the commonalities between institutional and main street investors. 

A Lesson from Ronald Reagan on Macroeconomics & Tariffs

We wrote previously about our desire to avoid a trade war because they are likely to result not with a winner and a loser, but with two losers. Our immediate concern is choppiness in the financial markets, but let President Reagan’s lesson on macroeconomics remind us that there is more at stake.

From the Desk of the CIO: Volatility in Context

As rough as the equity market waters have been to navigate in the fourth quarter, at SWS Partners, we remain encouraged by the ability to generate relative value and we detail the reasons behind this belief in the latest installment of From the Desk of the CIO, titled Volatility in Context.